Films to Get the Conversation Started

The Au Contraire Film Festival is proud to associate and be the film source for the Bell Let’s Talk campaign.

Through film, ACFF engages audiences on the topic of mental health. We inspire and empower them to tell their own stories and access resources. Thank you for visiting this page!

In the context of virtual viewing given the current pandemic, Student Services, mental health counsellors or school psychologists should organize a webinar for the movie viewing and be attentive and sensitive to people's reactions as well as facilitate the debriefing session after the film.

Before You Watch the Films

Watching these films might trigger some different or upsetting thoughts and feelings.

  • If they do, talk with a supportive resource, be they a friend, a relative or a professional. Do not feel shy about leaving the screening. Check out the resources available at your university or you can always Google local resources and places for support.
  • If you’re watching in a group setting, be supportive and attentive of those who are openly expressing their experiences. You might be learning something about yourself or a family member.

Themes to Start a Conversation on Mental Health

After you watch the films:

  • What did you learn or experience while watching these films?
  • Did these films help you better understand people with mental illness?
  • Did these films change your perspectives on mental illness?
  • How much does stigma affect those that have mental health issues?

It's time to talk about it!

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Thank you.


Director: Zach Woods
11 minutes | USA | English with French subtitles

A severely depressed man reaches out for an emergency therapy session. He's not the only one who needs help.

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Joe Buffalo

Director: Amar Chebib
16 minutes | Canada | English with French subtitles

Joe Buffalo, an Indigenous skateboard legend of the Samson Cree Nation, is haunted by residential school trauma. But, ultimately, nothing can kill his indomitable spirit which echoes back to his lineage with Plains Cree chief - Chief Poundmaker.

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Blue Dog

Directors: Fanny Liatard, Jérémy Trouilh
17 minutes | France | French with English subtitles

Émile is afraid of the world. He no longer goes outside and paints everything blue. One night, his son Yoan encounters Soraya, a teenage fan of Tamil dance. She will help him find the right colour.

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